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22 de junho de 2012

Open Letter to an anonymous reader of Ulysses

"Could you read the part where Stephen envisions life outside Dublin, again?"

Hi Dude,

I'm happy to receive your opinion and sum up of the book. As a woman I feel flattered by discovering this side of James Joyce. One of our friends, who managed to read the whole book - so far I have not - said the last 55 pages show a woman speaking on and on as if she was a modern-day woman. There are no significant differences on speech, even though the book was written 90 years ago. This friend did not point out that Bloom´s wife betrayed him and, besides not suffering revenge or punishment due to that fact, she was asked to marry him again. Beautiful, pure, truly an example of how we can achieve a better world by accepting each other´s faults, at least in our own houses.

Thank you for participating,
Best wishes,

Rita Magnago

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